Four kids and the battle of homework, Am I the only one losing my mind?

It’s a peaceful winter Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting here dreading the quiet moment I took for myself. I am overwhelmed with anxiety about the amount of homework that still needs to be completed………. Not my homework, although I feel the pressure. No, it’s Russell’s. Yip, you read that right.

I am so blessed to be a mom of 4 beautiful children, but man alive, it’s hard work, A full-time job even. Amongst the babies and a teenager is 8-year-old Russell. He is as smart as a pencil and sure knows how to pull all the strings of the dreaded homework. I have just survived the home-schooling hunger games on and off a mere few months ago. My confidence believed that teachers were patting me on the back and that we played tag and the education ball was back in their court and I would be off the hook.

My biggest question is; why has my son’s homework become my homework too? Firstly, I just need to make it clear so his teacher doesn’t come banging on my door. I do not do his homework for him. I do however sit with him and help him navigate through it all as I THINK this is what is expected of me – his mom.

Getting Russell to do his homework is like pulling teeth and must be the MOST tedious activity a parent has to endure. I spend this time with loads of encouragement and positive reinforcements but it’s like World War 3 in my house! I need a glass of wine to get through it. And by a glass of wine, I mean a glass bottle. Just remind me again, how much wine is too much wine?

Are my frustrations mine alone? Do other moms battle as I do?

I am finding it almost impossible to get the kid to calm down and get started. This is at least a 40 min battle. Let’s call it the “’battle of just 5 more minutes.”’ These 5 min installments can be anything from toilet breaks, grooming, snacks, juice, and the list goes on. He is the ultimate procrastinator.

As mentioned earlier, I have 2 other smaller children who require my constant attention. As a mom juggling a toddler and a newborn baby in this mix, it’s not a given that I will have the undivided attention to dedicate to his homework. Therefore, I don’t have the time to spend the whole afternoon doing homework. When the time is now, the time is NOW. Let’s call this the “battle of NO TIME.’

I can deal with most of this, But the worst is the FIGHTING. THIS is my ultimate battle!! Oh my gosh! The bliming fighting!!! Why do I have to fight with him to do something that benefits HIM? I mean come on, for heaven’s sake I know how to read “Ben and Lad can run.” He will always have meltdowns and remember all the things that I have done to him in the past. Let’s call this the “battle of ITS FOR YOU’.

Everything we do is for the benefit of our children and education is the most vital in our parental responsibilities, but as parents, we want to give up on the things that are causing the fights.  There are many non-negotiables I have as a parent and my children’s education is one of them. But how can the fighting be good for any of us?

As I continue to research and work my way through the battles, I hope to find an answer soon. But for now, I am hoping that the community of homework moms can feel that they are not alone in this battle. As I remain questioning if I am a bad mom for hating homework and delaying this till the ABSOLUTE last min with the hope that the homework fairies will come and rescue us and do it for us. I conclude that if there is anyone out there that can relate, SOS, send more wine.