Introduced by Madelein

Angie through the looking glass

Let me introduce you to Angelique Wells – we call her Angie. She might be little but she has the biggest heart. Stubborn to the core of her values and beliefs, she does not step out of the way for anyone, or anything. I believe that this is planted deep in her core from the life she has lived, as a loving widow with a bag full of childhood complications. 

A true inspiration of finding love and happiness after 30 she has found her forever-home with her feisty 8-year-old ginger son Russell, 2-year-old Blake, new baby Aurora, adopted teenage firecracker Perry with her fantastic fiancé Kyle. 

In my eyes, Angie is the ultimate supermom with her relentless commitment to the stability, health, and happiness of her family and home. As she navigates through the struggles she always finds a reason to smile.  

What I love about you, Angie

May you never forget how much you are loved and adored. May this journey fill your cup with all the good things you deserve in life. 

Together we give rise to a diverse community that thrives on the power of supporting each other along with other women and their ideas to change the world.

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