Introduced by Angie

This is Keri

To me she is my Kez, one of my best friends, and my sister-in-law. To her family of four, she is the best mom in the worl, and always loving and supportive wife.

Supermom Keri is mommy to mini supermom/babysitter Shayla (9), feisty Kenzy (7) and firecracker Stryder (3) and wife to hard-worker and provider hubby Mark. Although Keri is a supermom, she also owns her own company “KM Connect” and is doing phenomenally well. I think this is because of her exceptional work ethic and dedication to her customers.

What I love about you, Keri

Together we give rise to a diverse community that thrives on the power of supporting each other along with other women and their ideas to change the world.

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