Introduced by Keri

This is Madelein

Madelein, or Mads as we fondly call her, is the epitome of the modern day woman. A loving mother, caring wife, great friend and successful businesswoman, she works hard and plays hard too! How she manages to juggle her hubby (Brian) and two beautiful children (Cailyn and Chase), and still successfully run her multiple businesses, I don’t know. Amongst it all, she managed to win multiple awards for her business skills, showing what a dedicated entrepreneur she really is at heart. A true wonder woman! Another point to mention is the generous heart that this lady has. Always there to lend a hand, offer help or give of her time freely without ever asking anything in return, she is a true inspiration to those around her.
What I love about you, Mads

Hey you!

I have been incredibly lucky to have found some of the greatest friendships in life and my tribe is a point on my list of daily gratitude. I have worked hard on building and nurturing the relationships I have with these incredible women and every min spent has been worth it. I truly believe that once we live our lives with purpose we start to understand that we are here for more than good food and wine but to truly connect with the souls that cross our path. Through this platform, I hope that you and your friends will experience the beauty of vulnerability and the strength that we can gain from other women we share our time with. May this platform push you out of your comfort zone, like it has for us and may you find joy in your life and peace in your heart that you are not alone. 

Together we give rise to a diverse community that thrives on the power of supporting each other along with other women and their ideas to change the world.

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