Introduced by Angie

Michelle in a nutshell

Michelle, more commonly known to us as Michy is honestly the most intelligent woman I know. She literally blows my mind with her knowledge. Not only is she intelligent and the financial director to a group of companies in a male dominated industry, she is also a loving mommy of 2 beautiful boys, witty Aiden (7 years) and cutie pie Hunter (4 months). She is also lucky enough to have a computer whizz/photographer hubby, who is always supportive.

She has just under gone a year long journey to self discovery. It has been the most beautiful thing to watch my friend grow as a strong independent woman, confident mother and more efficient business woman. Watching her has also showed me her incredible strength and perseverance.,

What I love about you, Michelle

Together we give rise to a diverse community that thrives on the power of supporting each other along with other women and their ideas to change the world.

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